3 Reasons To Use Self-Service Kiosks At Your Next Event

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If you’re putting on a cashless event, you’ve already done your research: you’re using RFID technology to keep transactions secure, you’ve eliminated cash to create frictionless transactions, and you’ve created an effective admissions strategy to streamline entry into your event. But what about ensuring your attendees can top up their credit anywhere, any time? Our self-serve kiosks not only empower attendees to never let their funds run low, they also allow them to maintain self-sufficiency and top up without the need for assistance from a staff member. Read on to find out how self-serve kiosks enhance the attendee experience and help you capitalise on their purchase intent. 

Reduce Queue Times

While standing in queues has traditionally been a necessary part of the event experience,  nobody goes to an event to wait in line. Preventing long lines for admissions, vendors, and in-event activities is reason alone why so many are switching to a cashless system for their event. But it’s also important to consider minimising the queues for your cashless top-up stations as well, which is where self-service kiosks come in. By diversifying the ways your guests can add funds to their RFID tags, you’ll prevent bottle-necking around top-up areas. In short, self-serve kiosks are a low cost way to scattera kiosks around your event, spreading your guests out, and keeping them in the thick of the action! 

Lower Staffing Costs

From venue costs, to entertainment overhead, to catering expenses, the expenditures for your event can’t be ignored, so you want to keep costs down wherever possible. Rather than having a staff member behind a traditional top-up station assisting each customer load funds onto their account, self-service kiosks give attendees the power to top up their own credit, so you need just one staff member across multiple terminals. Plus, with their intuitive interface and ease of use, self-service kiosks are the perfect job for any volunteer. By strategically placing self-serve kiosks across your event, you’ll increase convenience for your attendees for a fraction of the cost!

Add Convenience

Our self-service kiosks are simple and can be online in minutes, so your staff can focus on other aspects of your event day setup. All they require is power, a stand, and a form of covering to protect them from the elements. Then, all your attendees need to do is select the amount of funds they’d like to add to their account, and with a tap of their credit card, badge, or RFID wristband, they’re done! This makes them both easy to use and reliable, and it’s never been easier for your attendees to go cashless! 

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