3 Ways Token’s RFID Technology Supports Events in the Age of Social Distancing

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Managing an event is a huge undertaking, and with social distancing measures in place all over the world, there’s even more to consider when planning for event day. How can you ensure attendees of your in-person events are safe while still giving them an exciting and seamless event experience? Our RFID technology helps you get your guests through the door quickly, reduces queuing for vendors and in-event activities, and eliminates the need for physical cash transactions. Read on to see how Token’s contactless system can help your event navigate social distancing and still provide your guests with an event to remember!

Eliminate cash handling

There are already a host of benefits to using a cashless system, like reducing paid staff hours and increased attendee spend, but with social distancing being a prominent condition of in-person events for the foreseeable future, going cashless-only is almost essential. Not only does it replace the need for a physical exchange of money for a simple tap of your phone, it also makes tills and counting change obsolete, keeps concession lines moving, and gives your guests more time to enjoy your event! You can even amplify your efforts and reduce staff contact by implementing our self-serve top-up stations throughout your event to ensure your attendees are never running low on funds.

Keep the crowd moving

If you look at the traffic flow of any event, attendees tend to concentrate in certain areas before dispersing throughout the rest of your venue. These focus points, like access areas, vendor stalls, and especially your venue entrance, are where you should be most vigilant with your social distancing policies. Token’s RFID access control is a quick and efficient way to scan your attendees in and out with just a tap of their phone, as using RFID tags as tickets means queues are constantly flowing throughout your event, and your attendees can spend more time enjoying all the event programming you’ve worked hard to create for them!

Manage your event with real-time data

If your event is split into different areas, such as conference halls or festival stages, you may want to limit the number of attendees who can be in any one section at a time. Rather than having a staff member constantly keeping count of who’s entering and exiting, our robust reporting features can tell you how many people have checked in and out at any point. Our team can help you set up an efficient access control system so you always know where your attendees are and which areas are most popular.

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