Whether you’re anticipating 1,000 or 100,000 attendees, the chances are there’s a small army of staff on hand to ensure the event runs smoothly. From bar staff, to security guards, to on-site first aiders, your temporary workforce needs to be fed. Organising staff meals can be a laborious task, and one that’s generally open to human error. Enter Token: the RFID solution to your staff meal woes.

1. Lighten your Logistical Load  

Printing paper meal tickets and assigning the correct amount to each staff member is a logistical chore that should have been left in the Woodstock era. This method comes with significant complications, and is simply a waste of your time.

Token’s RFID technology provides an easy alternative through wearable chips stored in wristbands or lanyards. Preload each staff wristband with the credit to cover the cost of meals, hand one to each staff member, and Token takes care of the rest.

You can decide one meal credit is worth $10, then preload a $30 limit for those who are entitled to three meals. If you’d rather avoid monetary credits, there’s the option to select a virtual currency instead. Beans, goats, golden nuggets…up to you. Check out our article on the benefits on virtual currencies.

2. Generate Automatic Live Reports

Monitoring how much has been spent on staff meals is a difficult pursuit when this statistic is represented by an arbitrary paper trail. Token’s RFID chips automatically calculate the amount spent, by whom and at which vendor. Time-consuming counting is taken off your hands, and instead the data is presented in accurate live reports.

Reap the advantages of real-time visual reports on how much your staff have spent, both individually and per team. Access to these powerful data insights can help you make responsive, informed decisions on staffing for future events.

3. Eradicate Mismanagement and Theft

Picture this: strips of staff meal tickets are uplifted from the staff tent. With no means of cancelling them, because they’re paper, you’ve effectively lost a pile of money.  

With countless instances of payment mismanagement at festivals and large scale events, why not remove the risk by switching to RFID wristbands. Token’s RFID solution is a stress-free way to coordinate staff meals through cashless transactions.

4. Create Liability upon Issuing

We’re not suggesting you should be suspicious of your team, we are simply offering an effective solution that removes the risk of discrepancy.

Event staff are given a preset meal credit, which is assigned to their name. The balance stored on a Token RFID wristband cannot be stolen, transferred or loaned to friends.

5. Rely on Transparency

Token’s RFID technology helps you to enjoy complete transparency between you, your staff, and event vendors.

All transactions are logged and reported to you, so you can present clear reports on exactly how much has been spent and where. Simple accounting capabilities leave no room for disputes or suspicions between vendors, so sorting out your post-event finances is easy. Financial reconciliation is even more straight-forward when using a single, digital currency.

Note: for easiness sake, you can also specify certain vendors that have the option to accept staff meal credits.

6. Don’t Risk Duplication

Let’s face it. Not everyone is a trustworthy, upstanding beacon of goodness. The risk of meal ticket duplication by either staff members or vendors is completely eradicated with the switch from paper to Token’s RFID wristbands.

7. Double Up on  Wristband Types

Introducing: Token’s Multiple Balance Types. This feature lets you set-up your staff with ‘staff credit’ which does not have refund option, while your event attendees can benefit from full refunds on unused credit.

There’s no need to choose between RFID staff credit and general admission credit. These work perfectly in conjunction, so you can gather sophisticated data insights on a number of audiences at your event.

8. Store All Credits Securely

Your staff are preoccupied with keeping your event patrons safe, fed and watered, so misplaced staff meal tickets are inevitable. Re-assigning meal tickets can be time-consuming, and expensive if original tickets are found and used.

Token’s RFID chips are worn on the wrist for the duration of the event, so paying for meals requires no effort from your staff.

A number of high-profile Australian events have already utilised Token’s RFID wristbands in streamlining their staff meals, including Falls Festival 2018/19, Subsonic and Slideapalooza.

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