Secure and Frictionless Attendee Entry


Replace paper tickets with interactive RFID wristbands or cards that allow multi-level access control


Our RFID tags are impossible to duplicate

Good for attendees.

Faster entry and more time to enjoy the event


Dramatically reduce lineups with instant scanning


Control crowd flow direct from your smartphone

How AccessToken Works

AccessToken provides several unique ways to fulfill and provide smooth access control for your attendees, powered by a flexible API it makes integrating with third parties a pain free exercise.

1. Attendees Present Wristband

Attendees present their RFID wristband (or barcoded ticket) at the gate

2.  Scan Tickets or Wristband

The RFID wristband is scanned, or tickets validated, to allow entry into the event

3. Attendees Information Stored

Attendee information and ticket details are stored on the RFID wristband


Attendee’s wristband is validated at every access point.

Secure, fast and reliable attendee admittance
  • Token’s RFID devices take less than a second to scan, can be scanned at a distance, and work under any weather conditions (including heavy rain), with or without event wifi. Admit attendees into your event faster for less frustrating queues at the gates.
  • RFID chips are virtually impossible to duplicate and can be embedded into wristbands or lanyards, making them much harder to lose compared to traditional tickets – meaning better security for your event.
Capacity and audience insights
  • Token includes powerful event management software that lets you see how many attendees have been scanned in at the gates, giving you real-time visibility into capacity and overcrowding stats.
  • Hands-free attendee tracking can be implemented in different areas of your event, enabling you to see behavioral data and track the flow of crowds throughout the premises.
Staff accreditation and restricted areas
  • Ensure onsite staff always have access to areas or equipment by setting granular restrictions and permissions that our scanners will immediately identify.
  • Set VIP areas for people who purchased premium tickets, or as part of sponsorship deals, without the hassle of multiple types of tickets or badges.
Stress-free implementation
  • Token’s Access Control works seamlessly with all major ticketing platforms, including Ticketbooth, Showclix, Ticketmaster and Eventbrite – no need to change providers.
  • Our expert team will be physically present to help troubleshoot any problem that arises before, during and after your event.

Let’s Start Growing Your Event Business

Token Systems works with all event types and is proven to make events smoother, more memorable and more profitable.

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