Access Control

Secure and frictionless attendee entry with AccessToken

Say goodbye to endless queues, ticket fraud and chaos at the gates. The AccessToken RFID platform gives you full control of admissions, streamlined entries and real-time capacity data.

Event accreditation made easy

Turn tickets into interactive RFID wristbands or cards that allow multi-level access control

Eliminate fraud

Our RFID tags are impossible to duplicate

Real-time capacity insight

Control crowd flow direct from your smartphone

Lightning-fast entry times

Dramatically reduce lineups for happier attendees

Audience insights

Track your attendees’ movements and actions at your event

Token RFID wristbands

How does it work?

1. Attendees present their RFID wristband (or barcoded ticket) at the gate

2. The RFID wristband is scanned, or tickets validated, to allow entry into the event

3. Attendee information and ticket details are stored on the RFID wristband to allow for access to additional areas (such as VIP) within the event, as well as track attendee movements across the venue

Tried and tested access control with everything you need

  • Secure system proven to work in all conditions and environments
  • Live statistics with real-time access to customer insights
  • Unlimited accreditation types and multiple zone control
  • Integration with your ticketing system and event management software
  • Monitor capacity across your event with real-time reporting
  • Works offline, 100% network independant
  • Uninterrupted service utilising mesh network with multiple backups

Streamline Your Event with AccessToken

Advanced RFID solutions to fit all of your events’ access control and security needs