Oktoberfest Brisbane

The original Oktoberfest is a German folk festival held every year since 1810. It is the world’s largest folk festival and expanded far beyond its origins in Munich into cities all across the globe.

Oktoberfest Brisbane proudly count themselves among these cities. Each year guests can sample a range of traditional foods, games and amusement rides, purchase traditional clothes like Lederhosen and Dirndls, and of course, taste some traditional Oktoberfest beer.  

Hosted at the Brisbane Showgrounds, Oktoberfest Brisbane is a massive yearly undertaking and today stands as Australia’s largest Oktoberfest celebration, welcoming 40,000 guests annually across its two weekends. 

The Challenge

Oktoberfest Brisbane exists to provide an authentic and enjoyable German cultural experience, and prides themselves on their year-on-year success in that field. As Australia’s largest German festival, they have a wide range of both back and front of house challenges.

First and foremost is their dedication to providing a positive and memorable experience for their attendees. When trying to please the 40,000 guests who march through their gates, every minute a guest spends in line is a minute they aren’t engaging with the festival. 

To accommodate these guests, Oktoberfest Brisbane employs a huge number of staff members, partners with dozens of vendors, and has an enormous inventory to account for. All these factors must be managed over the course of two weekends, and so Token went in with three main goals:

  • Streamline the event experience by minimising the time guests spend in queues.
  • Integrate back-of-house solutions, such as providing staff members with their allocated credit and training them in the use of Token devices
  • Ensure a flawless rollout of all systems from start to finish

As an added challenge, all this had to be done while weathering a large storm!

Token Solution at Oktoberfest

The Token Solution

Oktoberfest Brisbane opted for Token’s hassle-free RFID technology, alleviating patrons of extensive queues and giving them the freedom to top-up their credit whenever they wished. By providing attendees with their own RFID wristbands they could top up online or through a variety of Top-up and self-serve Top-up Stations located throughout the venue. Through these options, Token allowed for fuss-free exchanges between vendors and customers and streamlined their event experience.

Through the analytical capabilities of Token RFID wristbands, Oktoberfest Brisbane were able to unlock powerful event insights allowing them to see which vendors received the most interaction, revenue, and what products were selling the most. Token also captured rich real-time data – showing peak event hours for top-ups and purchases and thus allowing organisers and vendors to cater around these peak times. 

Token staff were also onsite for the entire duration of the event, providing training to Oktoberfest Brisbane staff and vendors, and were available to help out and answer any questions that came up. 

When a storm blew through the venue, all systems were still a go and the only consequence were some wet staff members!

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