Output Festival was birthed in 2017 by Sydney party people Motorik and UNDR ctrl. Although only a new kid on the block, the festival managed to secure one of Sydney’s most enviable harbourside locations as its playing ground. Hosted on Goat Island with the iconic harbour bridge as a spectacular backdrop, Output Festival is just as much a gift for the eyes, as it is for the ears.

Bringing Sydney’s underground party scene to the forefront, Output have tapped into a unique and creative market empowered by local music and culture. Since its modern day emergence, it makes sense that Output would choose an advanced cashless system for their event, creating a streamlined festival experience for its music maven crowd.


Hosting a 4000 person party on an island is a challenge in itself. Although held on one of Sydney’s most prestigious harbour locations, heritage-listed Goat Island is only accessible via boat, meaning all staff, supplies, staging and attendees would have to be transported across the harbour. With this in mind, Output decided to take the reins to deliver a streamlined event experience to its attendees and vendors, making sure the day was smooth sailing and enjoyable for all involved.

Output’s decision to go cashless with Token RFID meant they were able to take away the hassle of getting ATM’s to an island, and also reduced wait times for bar and food queues; freeing up more time for punters to enjoy the fruits of the festival’s labour. With both transport and event tickets purchased by attendees, Token RFID’s integration with Ticketbooth meant they were also able to assign multiple tickets to an attendee’s wristband, simplifying the process for ticketing staff and punters.


Vendors Rating Their Experience as Excellent


By providing attendees with their own RFID wristbands preloaded with their ferry and festival tickets, plus their contact details, attendees saw lightning fast wait times and next to no queues for entry onto their designated boat and into the event. Token RFID also provided pre-event top up stations at the wharf and on the ferry, freeing up time for punters to enjoy the live music, food stalls and bars as soon as they arrived.

Token’s white label products meant Output Festival were able to create their own personalised and branded wristbands, flaunted by attendees, artists and staff alike, all enjoying the benefits of a cashless system whilst integrating seamlessly with the event’s marketing and sponsorship.



Given the location and capacity of the festival, Output’s decision to go cashless with Token RFID meant they were able to completely eliminate ticket fraud and theft, whilst dramatically increasing the event’s overall security without the added stress of managing cash tills on site.

Token’s RFID wristbands proved to be a hit for all involved, with around the clock access to self serve stations giving attendees the power to top up their wristbands whenever they liked, and the freedom to choose how much they wanted to spend.

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