Party in the Paddock, Tasmania’s best loved music festival made a reappearance in early 2019 for the 7th edition of the party. Thousands of attendees flocked to the island and found absolutely no shortage of magic and good times at the iconic rural setting.

The PITP organisers were early adopters of RFID technology for cashless payments, only this year they sought to further streamline their operations using RFID. They approached Token to help them incorporate access control and self serve stations into the mix, to improve the entire experience for patrons.


Internet connection in a paddock is as unreliable as you’d imagine. Most RFID providers are unable to perform full functionality without WiFi, but it’s no hassle for Token’s 100% offline system.

Organisers wanted to offer multiple types of credits to cater for artists, attendees, competition winners and volunteers. This required complex RFID capabilities to assign the credit types to the correct wristbands.

The PITP venue was split into numerous zones, including a VIP area, campsite and the main paddock. Organisers needed a simple solution to grant each patron access to the areas they had paid for.

The Token Solution

Token delivered the PITP organisers the RFID solutions to low WiFi connectivity, high staffing costs, multiple credit types and more.

Using our access control technology, volunteers could assign the correct access to each wristband wearer upon entry to ensure they had access to all the correct zones.

They also took advantage of our advanced feature: multiple balance types. This let them set different conditions for each type of credit, e.g. volunteer staff didn’t need to pay any fees, and the artist rider credit was non-refundable.

PITP organizers chose to implement multiple self serve stations throughout the festival site which allowed attendees to add credit themselves and reduced the number of festival staff.


Over 70% of wristband top ups were added at Token self serve kiosks, which greatly reduced the festival’s staffing footprint. Our accurate live reporting helped organisers stay on top of inventory. These data insights were presented to clearly show how different balance types were spent, enabling easy reconciliation with vendors. Token’s RFID technology helped Party in the Paddock deliver an exemplary festival experience for vendors and event attendees alike, and we’d love to be back in the paddock in 2020.

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