Taking place on Easter Sunday within one of Griffith NSW’s wineries, Rewind in the Vines is a festival that combines some of Australia’s premier music talent with a showcase of delicious local food and wine.

At their inaugural 2018 event, the Rewind team wanted to ensure that they brought a fresh idea to the region in order to stand out from the competition, whilst still keeping their event costs low.

The Token Solution

After a warm recommendation from their ticketing provider, Rewind in the Vines contacted Token to learn more about how implementing a cashless solution on-site could benefit their event.

Making the decision to move forward, Token worked with the organisers to introduce the idea of ‘cashless’ to ticket buyers prior to the event, remaining conscious that the event demographic was slightly older and less tech-savvy, so the concept may be completely foreign to some.

On event day, attendees tickets were scanned and switched for wristbands at the gate, which allowed them to easily load funds at designated ‘top-up stations’ and then tap their bands to sample and purchase from the food/wine vendors on-site.


Onsite Vendors




Transaction Time


Tags Activated

On event day, the Token RFID solution alleviated the number of staff and infrastructure required to manage the large number of vendors on-site, and saw the organisers save over 62% in expenses associated with taking payments.

In addition to this, Token also introduced new income streams for the event organisers, such as revenue from on-site merchants and leftover funds from attendees who didn’t claim a refund on their wristband. This resulted in a 17% increase in event revenue when compared with a non-cashless solution.

Feedback from event attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many commenting on how easy it was to purchase food/wine, and holding the RFID cashless solution in high regard compared with outdated paper ticket systems at other events.

In Summary

-A saving of 62% in on-site event expenses associated with taking payments

-Total event revenue increase of over 17% due to additional revenue streams from implementing a cashless solution

-Wristband activation rate of over 89% at the event (a.k.a. there were only 10% of attendees who didn’t load funds to their band in order to purchase food/drinks on-site)

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