The annual Rosé Street Fest, hosted at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel invited guests to Rosé the day away with an ocean view. Dozens of local and national wineries and breweries gathered to present a rosé-themed day to remember. Pop-up food trucks, a rosé tasting trail and acoustic performances secured the event as a sell-out occasion. Rosé Street Fest chose to partner with Token to launch an on-site RFID solution and include taster credits in ticket price.

rose street festival


Following the success of the event in the past, the organisers were keen to boost the 2018 festival to new heights for attendees, while removing the risks associated with cash handling. The main challenges were:

-Organisers envisaged including free tasters in the ticket price. They needed to find a solution that would distribute the correct number of tasters, but also encourage and make it simple for patrons to buy additional food and beverages.

-The coastal setting of Watsons Bay carries a reputation for poor WiFi connectivity for a reason. It was considered too risky to rely on a partially offline RFID system, so a secure and dependable offline alternative was sought.


Token’s RFID wristbands offered a hassle-free solution to the challenges faced by Rosé Street Fest. RFID wristbands, pre-loaded with 10 taster credits, were given out on arrival so attendees had no time to waste before visiting the bar. Our advanced multiple balance types feature let organisers decide that taster credits were to be spent first. Once used, the RFID wristbands automatically switched to spend the general credits that patrons had topped up at Token’s on-site self serve top up stations.

The need for a reliable on-site connection was removed with Token’s offline capabilities. Each transaction was securely processed by Token’s point-of-sale devices, which stored a local copy of the database and then synchronised to a cloud server when possible. No WiFi? No problem.

rose street fest


Rosé Street Fest 2018 was an out-in-out success with positive feedback from vendors and event attendees alike. Bar transactions using Token’s RFID wristbands typically take 10 seconds to complete, so queues were significantly reduced, and revenue boosted.

Using Token’s RFID for multiple balance types streamlined the reconciliation process, as vendors and organised had access to clear and detailed reports. Token streamlined the operations of Rosé Street Fest from admissions, to taster tokens and bar sales, all the way to post-event accounting. Win-win-win.

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