Vanfest is a regional based Australian music festival aimed at bringing the big city stages to Central West NSW. Supporting Australian live music acts, Vanfest showcases phenomenal lineups of indie folk, rock, pop, house classics, and a touch of local talent.

Launched in 2014 with over 8000 fans and 9 massive bands, Vanfest was one of the most successful first year festivals. Now in it’s fourth year and having expanded to a two day format, the festival continues to draw people from across the state to experience ‘one hell of a party’.


Following four years of success, Vanfest organisers contacted Token to help them take the festival to the next level by switching to a completely cashless solution on-site. The organisers had two main goals for the implementation of the RFID system:

  1. Deliver a premium on-site experience for fans, allowing them to focus on enjoying the event
  2. Grow overall event revenue without the need to sell more tickets or invest in marketing to draw new people to the area

The festival is located in Central NSW, so access to a reliable on-site internet connection is a challenge. The RFID system would need the ability to operate completely offline, yet still sync data with a server so as not misplace information should a cashier’s device go missing.


Increase in Spend Across The Festival


Increase in Event Revenue


Activation Rate Of Wristbands On-Site


Vanfest implemented a fully cashless system on-site at the 2017 event using Token’s advanced RFID technology. Upon entry, festival-goers were equipped with Vanfest branded wristbands which stored their ticketing details, and allowed them to load digital currency to facilitate food, drink and vendor transactions for the weekend.

Token’s mesh network technology allowed the cashless solution to operate offline in the greenfield site, whilst also eliminating the risk for lost data should a vendor’s payment device go missing. Vendor’s on-site were able to transact without payment interruptions due to low quality internet connectivity and in turn, process more sales.


The ‘tap-and-go’ payment method increased customers propensity to spend at the event by 23% through a dramatic reduction in queuing times, as well as the subconscious detachment that consumers have from their money when no physical cash is exchanged – transactions at the event don’t feel ‘real’.

Post event, the Vanfest organisers reaped the benefits of additional revenue streams as part of implementing a Token cashless solution. Fees for activating wristbands on site and breakage from balance amounts not claimed for refund saw an increase of over 16% in event revenue.

Alongside additional event revenue, Vanfest also has access to rich customer data that they can use to on-board event partners and sell sponsorship spaces for future years. Information such as the key purchase periods at the bars, all the the way down to which drink was most popular with a certain demographic is tracked and recorded by the Token cashless platform.

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