Local craft brewers from across Canada and the United States unite once a year over their shared passion at Windsor Craft Beer Festival. Taking place in historic Willistead Park, the event saw over 4000 attendees flock to the two day festival.

With a generous selection of cheap eats and over 90 craft beers at their fingertips, some exclusive to the festival itself; patrons from near and far gather to share in two evenings of entertainment and leave with an experience to remember.


After previous years of using physical coupons requiring attendees to queue at a token booth before making a purchase, Windsor Craft Beer Festival were ready to take their event to the next level by switching to a completely cashless on-site solution. The two goals organisers wanted to achieve in making the switch were:

1) Increasing overall event revenue and consumer spend
2) Deliver a premium onsite experience for attendees by reducing queues and allowing them more time to enjoy the event

With a goal of creating camaraderie between patrons and vendors whilst delivering them a seamless event experience, Windsor Craft Beer Festival made the shift to a cashless integration.


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Windsor Craft Beer Festival opted for Token’s hassle-free RFID technology, alleviating patrons of extensive queues and giving them the freedom to top-up whenever they wished. By providing attendees with their own pre-loaded RFID wristbands in order to sample and purchase from vendors, and allowing them to top-up throughout the course of event, Token removed the wait times and hassle of handling physical coupons, allowing for fuss-free exchanges between vendors and customers and creating a streamlined event experience.

Using Token RFID wristbands, Windsor Craft Beer Festival were also able to unlock powerful event insights allowing them to see which vendors received the most interaction, revenue, and what products were sampled the most. Token also captured rich time based data, showing peak event hours for top-ups and purchases, allowing organises and vendors to cater around these peak times.


Windsor Craft Beer Festival reported an increase in average consumer spend compared to previous years, with its 4000 plus patrons averaging higher spend on wristband top ups than their previous system using physical coupons. Token’s RFID integration also removed any room for costly human errors and ticket fraud, working as an added security measure against loss of revenue.

Token’s seamless and simple integration not only ensured less work for the event organiser, letting them focus on running their event, but provided comprehensive data collection. These unparalleled audience insights equiped the organisers with invaluable information to help them cater to and market their future events.

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