Cashless Payments

Join the cashless event movement with CashToken

Increase your event revenue and enhance the on-site experience for attendees by eliminating cash at your next event.

Cashless payments made easy

CashToken lets you focus on what you do best; running your event.

Reduce fraud

Multiple layers of redundancy and security make Token the most durable and robust cashless solution around

No online connectivity required

CashToken runs seamlessly offline with wireless mesh networking technology

Customer intelligence

Match sales data with your attendees’ demographic profile to provide a deeper level of reporting for sponsors

The security you need

Minimise theft and cash handling on-site with CashToken

Reap the benefits of cashless

CashToken helps you grow your event revenue

Increase on-site revenue

Boost attendee spend by up to 30% with cashless, frictionless transactions

Reduce infrastructure costs

Replace your traditional till and network infrastructure with self-contained, mobile RFID devices

Additional revenue streams

Breakage from balance amounts left unclaimed see an increase of over 16% in event revenue

Post event reporting & analytics

Replace your traditional reporting with rich sales insights and data whilst streamlining your post-event vendor reconciliation

We’ve thought of everything

  • Pre-event top-up when customers purchase tickets online
  • Age verification with the ability to restrict product types to certain groups (e.g. alcohol ban for underage attendees)
  • Self-serve top-up stations and a mobile app to allow easy top-ups for attendees
  • Customised point-of-sale solution
  • Real-time sales & financial reporting
  • Compatible with all currencies and credit types
  • Streamlined vendor reconciliation and payments

Go Cashless. Go Big.

CashToken heightens your attendees’ experience while giving you complete control over all event transactions and data