Cashless Payments

Join the cashless event movement with Token

New! Introducing the world’s first Cashless Self-Serve Topup Kiosks for Events: a game-changer for cashless events.

More event organisers are turning to cashless events, here’s why…

Increase on-site revenue

Multiple layers of redundancy and security make Token the most durable and robust cashless solution around

Reduce infrastructure costs

Replace your traditional till and network infrastructure with self-contained, mobile RFID devices

Run 100% Offline — No online connectivity required.

Token runs seamlessly offline with wireless mesh networking technology
Token’s industry leading unattended self-serve topup stations bring a scalable secure payments point for attendees.

Eliminate Financial Fraud and Errors

Self-checkout means no missing money or human errors.

Reduce Staffing Costs

Gone are the days of ballooning staffing costs, attendees manage their own top-ups on-site without the need for an operator.

Significantly Reduce Queuing Times

Deploy more self-serve terminals throughout the event premises. Tip: Mount kiosks on bar entry fencing as customers are queuing to purchase drinks.

Checkout the videos below to the Token cashless system in action.

  • Topping up

    At the event, attendees can ‘top-up’ or load credits to their account at one of the designated stations on-site, or via the mobile platform. This allows attendees to make purchases on-site with digital credit that were loaded to their account.

  • Processing a sale

    To purchase food, drink or merchandise on-site, attendees just need to tap their RFID chip on the reader at each vendor stand to make payment. Funds from their digital wallet are transferred in real-time to complete the transaction and this is tracked against the specific vendor for settlement post-event.

  • Checking attendee’s balance (vendors)

    The Token POS application allows vendors, topup and event staff to quickly show an attendee their remaining balance, including any promotional credits that may have been applied to their account.

  • Device reconciliation report

    Track real-time sales per operator by checking the reconciliation report right on the Token device. Allowing vendors to see how their sales are tracking throughout the event and give them an up-to-date sales reconciliation.

  • Detailed device sales log

    Check all sale transactions done on the device with the detailed device sales log. Foster trust from your vendors with a line by line audit available at any time.

  • Issuing a topup refund

    Refunding a topup transaction can also be done right on the device with preferred funding sources set up for your event. For security purposes, this function is only accessible to operators with managerial permission.

  • Issuing a sale refund

    Refunding a sale transaction can also be done right on the device with preferred funding sources set up for your event. For security purposes, this function is only accessible to operators with managerial permission.

We’ve developed dozens of novel ways for you to accept payments, increase engagement and reduce expenses.

Pre-purchase credit from the very beginning.

Allow attendees to pre-purchase credits when purchasing tickets to your event, creating a seamless customer experience and providing upfront cashflow.

Create discounts or specialised promotional credit.

Token allows you to create complex spending rules to offer promotional credit to be used on specific events or vendors.

Create customised event curriencies.

Enhance your event branding with a customised currency.

Incentivise Attendees
Offer special discounts and preloaded credit to drive spend.

Simple Operation
Token equipment is plug-and-play making it easy for vendors.

Intuitive Self Serve
Allow attendees to add credit through unstaffed kiosks.

Let’s Start Growing Your Event Business

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