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What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and is most often used to identify, transfer and track information in the form of an RFID ‘chip’. These chips are similar to a barcode in the way they store information, however unlike a barcode, RFID chips don’t need to be aligned with a scanner to validate which makes them faster and more efficient to use.

Do RFID tags have to be used in wristbands?

While wristbands are one of the more common ways to “attach” RFID tags to event goers, they are not the only means of doing so. The minimal size of RFID tags means they can also be embedded into various other devices, e.g. cards, stickers, keyrings, etc.

How does RFID work?

RFID tag information is stored electronically and includes a small RF transmitter and receiver. A RFID reader transmits an encrypted radio signal to identify the tag. When the tag receives the data it responds with its identification information. 

Why should I use RFID technology opposed to barcodes?

Barcodes application at events is limited as they only have the ability to read information. RFID technology has a much wider and secure application as it has the ability to read, write and modify the information stored on your customers RFID tag. Additional advantages of RFID include better read range and being far more difficult to replicate.


What is CashToken?

CashToken is our cashless payments solution that allows event organisers like yourself to manage transactions on-site through the use of RFID technology.

CashToken is most often used in the form of a wristband or plastic card (however we can put an RFID chip in anything!), and allows your attendees to make purchases on-site with digital credit the have loaded to their account.

Implementing a CashToken solution on-site brings increased security, greater transparency into sales data and an enhanced event experience.

What are the benefits of cashless payment technology for event organisers?

    • Running a cashless event typically increases customer satisfaction while creating new revenue opportunities for organisers. Some of the main benefits typically include:
    • – Spend-per-head at cashless events has been shown to be up to 30% higher
      – Cash management costs and liabilities are lessened
      – Increase security and control leads to reduction in on-site theft
      – The ability to apply real-time, advanced purchasing analytics and learn more about attendees
      – Increasing potential sponsorship value with more accurate ROI reporting
      – Simple post-event vendor reconciliation

How do cashless payments work through CashToken?

Guests use their CashToken RFID-enabled device (typically wristbands) when purchasing from vendors by simply tapping the device on the vendor’s RFID reader. The cost of the transaction will then be taken out of the guest’s pre-purchased credit and transferred to the vendor’s account.

How do cashless payments work?

A cashless payments solution on-site allows your vendors to process transactions with increased speed and security.

Prior to the event, attendees load funds to their ‘digital wallet’ which is then connected to an RFID chip for use on-site (usually in the form of a wristband or plastic card). Once at the event, attendees can also then ‘top-up’ their account at one of the designated stations on-site, or via the mobile platform.

When wanting to purchase food, drink or merchandise on-site, attendees tap their RFID chip on the reader at each vendor stand to make payment. Funds from their digital wallet are transferred in real-time to complete the transaction ad this is tracked against the specific vendor for settlement post-event.

What are the benefits of cashless events for event attendees?

    Patrons enjoy an enhanced experience on account of shorter lines, increased security and removing the need to carry wallets and paper tickets. Our data shows that event-goers spend more and report more favourable views of cashless events compared to traditional ones. The main benefits for guests include:

– Simple, fast and secure transactions
– No need to carry a wallet
– Less waiting in lines
– More time to enjoy the event
– Streamlined event experience


What is AccessToken?

AccessToken is our next-gen solution for replacing event tickets with interactive and unique RFID wristbands that allow multi-level access control on-site. The AccessToken RFID platform gives event organisers full control of admissions, enables streamlined entries and collects real-time capacity data.

What are the benefits of AccessToken access control?

        • Using AccessToken gives event organisers a simple-yet-powerful way of leveraging RFID technology to run better and smoother events. Some of the unique advantages of this include:
        • – No paper, no fraud
        • – Security and Control over multiple zones
        • – Lightning-fast Entry Times
        • – Real-time Customer & Capacity Insight
        • – Seamless integration with your ticketing software
        • – Elimination of costly human errors

How does access control with RFID work?

1. Customers present their barcoded ticket at the gate.

2. Tickets are scanned before being presented with an activated RFID wristband.

3. Customer information is transferred to the RFID wristband within a matter of seconds and the customer is quickly admitted to the event.


What is SocialToken?

SocialToken connects your attendees’ RFID wristbands to their social media profiles to build stronger relationships between attendees, sponsors and brands through hands-free social activations.

What are the benefits of RFID social activations?

  • – Organisers and sponsors get stronger ROI from the event
  • – Data & valuable insights are collected from patrons in a non-intrusive way
  • – Rich content can be created and shared instantly across social media networks
  • – Attendees can register and link wristbands to their social media accounts
  • – Creates new promotional opportunities for brands at the event 

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