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The tides of public perception are turning away from plastic waste, and towards environmentally conscious brands, products and events. Many high profile international festivals have already made the jump by denouncing single-use plastic and introducing reuse and recycle schemes. At Glastonbury 2019, attendees were encouraged to bring reusable bottles, replacing the now-banned plastic water bottles with free Wateraid kiosks. Splendour in the Grass 2019 installed a cup deposit scheme whereby attendees paid $2 for a reusable cup which could be traded for a fresh one on their next voyage to the bar.

With the clear shift in consumer behaviour towards recyclable alternatives, choose Token Systems to help you stay at the forefront of your industry. From deposit systems to wristbands made from sustainable materials, we offer numerous opportunities to go green at your next event. Here’s how:

Sustainable Materials

Traditionally, event wristbands have been made from cheap plastic materials which inevitably end up in landfill. With Token, you can opt to add your RFID chips to sustainable materials like wood, recycled PET plastic or bamboo. Here at Token, our team are pushing the boundaries to deliver solutions that are tailored to your requirements and vision. Add deposit bins at the exits, and take care of recycling the discarded wristbands for an all-round more sustainable process.


Reuse and Recycle

The reuse and recycle ethos is gaining traction among event organisers and festival-goers alike.

Nowadays, 1 in 2 consumers are willing to pay higher prices for goods from environmentally conscious companies. Ditching single use plastic cups in favour of a green alternative will enhance your brand and greatly reduce the impact you and your revellers have on the surroundings.

Deposit Systems

Become an early adopter of deposit systems at your next event, with help from Token Systems. Your reasons don’t even need to be around going 100% vegan, compostable and locally sourced – there are also cost efficient reasons to go green. Why not offer high-quality branded, reusable cups for a small fee of $1- $2. Cups can be traded for clean replacements at the bar, and exchanged for the money back post event. The likelihood is your patrons will keep them as souvenirs, thus resulting in extra revenue for your efforts. Deposit systems are eco-conscious while creating an additional revenue stream for your event. Win-Win.

While the environmental and economic benefits are clear to see, a leap in a new direction can be daunting. With Token Systems you have the support and assurance that your new way of doing things is both technically and financially viable. Ultimately, your fans will welcome a move towards a more sustainable future.

Start the conversation on how we can help improve the environmental footprint of your event, contact [email protected] or get a demo here.

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