Token RFID are leading the way with their cashless systems, shaping the future of event management and opening doors to safer, smarter and queue-free events. In a world driven by numbers and analytics, Token RFID have tapped into a powerhouse of user data providing event managers with unparalleled information and statistics about their audience, allowing for a streamlined, experiential event experience.

How Does RFID Work?

Radio Frequency Identification Devices, or RFID works in the form of a chip, allowing for the storage of information unique to the device wearer. With an inbuilt radio transmitter and receiver, an RFID device is able to be paired with a reader, sending an encrypted signal opening a channel for communication between the two. With the ability to track, identify and transfer information across RFID devices whilst segmenting powerful statistics to a database, it’s no wonder event organisers are turning to cashless solutions; utilising RFID wristbands, cards and lanyards in place of paper tickets and banding.


Cashless technology has the power to unlock previously unknown information as your event unfolds, enabling event organisers to manage transactions, crowd flow, inventory and more in real time. With such powerful information at the fingertips of organisers, attendees can expect increased security, shorter wait times and the power to top up their wristbands as they wish, creating a seamless event experience for all involved. Simultaneously, RFID chips capture and record audience information providing extraordinary insights into peak times, popular vendors,  engaging activations and more coupled with personalised user data to create an unparalleled platform for remarketing.

Get the edge over competitors with Token RFID

Built from cutting edge technology and supported by superior software, Token’s RFID system flawlessly integrates with your event, regardless of size and location. Backed by a team of expert engineers and failover security systems in place, Token RFID is leading the way for a user-friendly event experience.

Other RFID systems operate as wireless offline systems. Although able to operate offline, most require an onsite server or WIFI connection in order to maintain full functionality. In these situations, the ability to process sales or top ups will cease in the event of a WIFI server overload or drop out. With the ability to operate completely offline without internet or WIFI access, Token RFID’s secure server stores local copies of transaction records and information to its database, meaning sales and processing won’t come to a halt in case of a technical failure. Once online connectivity is restored, Token’s Android systems synchronise to a cloud server providing a complete data backup to a secure network without loss of critical data and information. Data is also stored on each individual wristband, when activated with multiple devices avoids unnecessary duplication of data.

Other Token Benefits

Token RFID also supports multiple currencies, discounts and complex product  specifications, making it a superior choice for events all around the world. Combined with a strong Access Control solution unlocking invaluable information about your event and its attendees as well as social activation integration, Token RFID covers all bases guaranteeing a seamless event experience.

Discover more than ever before about your audience with Token’s top of the line software and around the clock tech support and never miss a beat.


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