Breakthrough Technology Gives Event Organisers and Ticketing Companies the Ability to Run Massive Cashless Events with Unprecedented Ease while Ensuring High Customer Satisfaction and Financial Returns

We’re proud to announce our groundbreaking addition to the Token cashless payment system in the form of self-serve top up stations.

This is the first commercially available solution of its kind, enabling event attendees to independently add credits to their RFID wristbands or cards without any event staff supervision – dramatically reducing queues, staffing costs and financial reconciliation time for event organisers, ticketing companies and vendors.

Self-serve top up stations: a game-changer for cashless events

The new product line, developed by our Token engineers leveraging the latest in RFID technology, is the first instance in which a self-service model is being used for cashless events, and represents the next evolutionary step for the event management industry.

The widespread adoption of cashless payment systems in music festivals and other large-scale events has been shown to significantly reduce queuing times, eliminate financial fraud and error, and enhance the overall customer experience. However, the need to add credits to RFID wristbands or cards during the event could lead to similar issues reappearing at manned top up stations.

Token’s self-service solution addresses these problems head-on by eliminating cash and human error from the equation while improving both the event experience and the commercial returns for industry professionals: Attendees can use self-serve kiosks scattered throughout the event premises to top up their payment method; organisers can place any number of said kiosks as needed, without worrying about ballooning staffing costs, handling cash on-site or complex financial reconciliation.

The events industry is more competitive than ever before, and every player in the space, from ticketing companies to festival organisers to sponsors, is ready to embrace innovation as a competitive edge.

We’re proud to be the world’s first company to launch a self-serve solution for cashless payments, and are certain that early adopters will see unparalleled return on investment along with increased customer satisfaction rates.

Simon Guerrero, CEO & Founder
The benefit to you?

1. Significant reduction in staffing costs
2. Shorter queues and happier attendees
3. Eliminate staff theft and the need to accommodate for stolen or missing cash in your event budget
4. Instant & accurate reconciliation
5. Option to setup self-serve units upon bar entry making it easy for customers to load up credit anywhere

Stations to facilitate manual top-ups are standard across the cashless event industry, but what Token is bringing to the table is the first commercially available self-serve RFID solution in the events industry. Now your attendees can manage their own top-ups on-site, much like how they would handle self-checkout at the local supermarket.

Token Team

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