Multiple balance types is an advanced feature that sets Token aside from most other RFID ticketing providers. It lets you support different credit types simultaneously – opening up a world of possibilities to create an innovative event experience.

How does it work and how can Token assist in propelling your event to the next level? Well, you’d better read on…

What are the Benefits of Multiple Balance Types?

Token’s payment schema was designed to give you the flexibility to offer a range of credit types to your audience. Multiple credit types work together seamlessly, and has the added bonus of gathering sophisticated data insights on different segments of your audience. Data is presented in accurate live reports, helping you map the flow of credit usage during and after your event.

You can choose to use a real currency, or opt for non-monetary credits through virtual currencies. In the case of multiple credit types operating simultaneously, you can dictate which credit type is dominant to ensure this is spent first.

Who Gets What?

Now, maybe you would prefer to stick to one standard credit for all event attendees, but why not consider the option of alternative credits types for different audiences. Here’s a run-down of who might benefit from a separate credit type.

General Admission Credit

The majority of event attendees enter via general admissions and qualify for the standard ‘buy-anything’ credit using their RFID wristbands. They have the option to top up online before the event, on their smartphone, or at one of Token’s on-site top up stations.

They can use their RFID wristband to purchase food, drinks and merchandise, and can of course gain full refunds on any unused credit once the event is over.

Staff Credit

As the event organiser, it may be your responsibility to ensure your staff have eaten. Rather than dishing out paper meal tickets, you can assign a Token wristband to your hungry team. Find out more about the benefits of using RFID wristbands for staff meal allocation.

Through the aid of multiple balances, you can place appropriate limitations on staff wristbands, such as no alcohol or eligibility at certain vendors only. You can decide whether staff credit is refundable or not too. Token gives you the power to choose.

Sponsorship / Marketing Credit

Offering RFID credit may act as an incentive for brands to sponsor your event. Virtual currencies can be added to wristbands and used as a marketing tool by brands who wish to offer free products or lead attendees to an area within the venue.

At Sydney’s Output Festival in 2018, Heineken staff outside the grounds distributed credits which could only be spent inside the Heineken tent. This incentive to visit the tent enforced positive brand association for the duration of the event and increased sales purely through word of mouth.

Friends and Family Credit

As the festival organiser, you may enjoy the benefit of assigning drinks credits to family and friends. This gives you the power to show a little generosity to those who mean the most.

As always, you have the option to make family and friend credits non-refundable, and you can set limitations on which vendors can accept these credits.

Artist and Writer Credit

Gifting free drinks credits to artists and performers is a sure fire way of upholding your reputation as a great event organiser or promoter. Choose credit limits, give authorisation to specific vendors and ensure these are non-refundable. 

VIP Credit

You may wish to add a free credit allowance as an incentive to purchase VIP tickets for your event. You get the idea – VIP credits can be given out at your discretion, and you have full flexibility to choose how these credits can be used by your exclusive attendees.

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