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Become a Certified Token Partner to offer advanced RFID solutions to your clients, with ongoing technical support from the industry experts.

By partnering with Token, you can introduce your network to intuitive event solutions using the latest in RFID technology. Expand your offering and help your clients propel their events with cashless payments, access control and experiential activations.

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What’s RFID and how does it work?

RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification Devices, are small wearable chips stored on lanyards or wristbands. Each device has an inbuilt radio transmitter and receiver, which pairs with the Token reader by sending encrypted signals.

By gathering data that’s unique to each device wearer, you can hand your clients the power to securely track, identify and transfer powerful insights to enhance their events.  

Partner with Token, the RFID Technology Leaders

The team at Token have engineered the world’s most advanced RFID platform for events and festivals.

Partnering with Token gives you the tools to empower your clients to launch unforgettable RFID event solutions, and stay one step ahead of the competition. Token’s repertoire of advanced features will help you and your clients reap the benefits in profits and attendee satisfaction.

Help Your Clients Benefit From…

Stress-Free Integration

Token is supported by all major ticketing providers and API tools, so there’s no need for drastic changes to current systems and workflows.

Everything You Need

Our team ensure RFID wristbands, hardware and accessories are supplied early and ready to go on event day. Relax knowing your clients have access to round the clock technical support should they need assistance.


Each of Token’s elements and physical accessories are completely white-label and customisable to fit colour palettes, logos and graphics, so no one need know that your clients have outsourced their RFID technology.


Equip your clients with multi-lingual support, and the ability to communicate with a global audience by adding new languages on-demand.


The highest security and encryption standards ensure attendee and financial data is never at risk and stored in compliance with all local regulations.

Increased Profits

RFID-enabled events see increased spending at vendors, better sponsorship opportunities, less theft and more transparent reconciliation.

Accurate Live Reporting

Token’s real-time reporting capabilities will help your clients stay on top of inventory and make smart, proactive decisions to enhance their events.

Partner with Token to leverage the world’s most advanced RFID system for events and boost your offering to existing and prospective clients. Create new revenue opportunities, provide access to our powerful reporting tools, and drive forward your identity as a technologically progressive company. 

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