After spending the last few weeks up to our heads in testing and tweaking, today we’re proud to announce the latest RFID solution from Token Systems: on-site order fulfilment.

TL;DR: Event patrons can now use Token’s RFID wristbands or cards to pick up the products they ordered online with a single tap. No lines, no credit cards, no ID cards – nothing but happy patrons, increased merchandise sales and a smoother event.

Read on for all the juicy details, check out the full list of features, or skip straight to our contact page to discover how we can improve order fulfilment at your next event.

Merchandise… merchandise everywhere

Let’s face it: merchandise plays a major role in events for attendees, and is a major revenue source for organisers and vendors. Nowhere is this truer than in entertainment conventions (think Comic-Con) – where t-shirts, hats, costumes, and memorabilia are as much part of the experience as the panels and celebrity guests.

Of course, nowadays many consumers prefer to do their shopping online – and along with the traditional e-commerce platforms, ticketing providers are happy to oblige by offering ways to sell merchandise and tickets in the same place. Fans pick up the merchandise at the event and strut their fancy new swag at the expo or festival. This is also one more reason to get stoked as the day of the event approaches.

The problem: painful pickups

The need to arrange for product pickups on the event premises, which would often be done through the barcode on the patron’s ticket, created several issues:

  • Long queues forming at pickup points
  • Dealing with many different types of tickets based on the purchases made by the patron
  • Unhealthy mix between access control and product fulfilment at vendors

Since we’re famously obsessed with making live events better (see: self-serve top up kiosks), and following requests from many of our customers, we sent our engineers to come up with a solution for all of these issues. The result: RFID order fulfilment!

The simplest way to get swag into patrons’ hands at your event

At Token-enabled events, patrons no longer need to wait in line and fumble with their paper ticket, ID or credit card just to get the merchandise they already paid for. Instead, they simply tap their wristband at designated pickup spots (which you can set in advance).

What’s more, as an organiser you don’t need to have dozens of ticket types to accommodate for each ticket-holder’s online product purchases, meaning you can keep things simple for your vendors and yourself.

The result? A better event experience and more merchandise sales at your next events.

Learn more about the benefits for event organisers.

Also: staff entitlements! And more…

Our fulfilment platform doesn’t have to be limited to delivering t-shirts. It’s easily extensible for other use cases and types of events. Need to distribute rental equipment and tents for your camping festival? Done. Want a simple way to take care of staff entitlement and ensure everyone on your team has all the gear they need on the day of the event? Easy.

Learn more about use cases and benefits.

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