Social Activations

Take engagement to the next level with SocialToken

Connect your attendees’ RFID wristbands to their social media profiles to build stronger relationships between fans, sponsors and brands with hands-free social activations.

Make a long lasting impression

Find new ways to connect

Power experiential activations to increase customer loyalty

Amplify the experience

Make it easy and fun for fans to share pictures on Facebook & Twitter


Instant giveaways, leaderboards, polls, custom competitions and more

Engage with attendees post event

Offer exclusive promotional offers, downloadable content and more

Reap the benefits of SocialToken

Strengthen ties between your attendees, brands and the event by enhancing the on-site experience and providing sponsors with creative ways to increase their reach

Grow relationships with fans

Build meaningful connections with attendees through social media

Connect attendees with brands they love

Do more for your attendees by taking their on-site experience one step further

Get rich data insights

Combine social and event data for deeper analytics

Supercharge sponsorship ROI

Give your sponsors amazing value-for-money

All the tools you need for increased engagement

  • Implement creative ways for attendees to interact with brands
  • Rich content is created and instantly shared across social media networks
  • Enable attendees to register and link wristbands to their social media accounts
  • Collect, analyse and share valuable attendee information & trends
  • Boost your sponsors ROI to strengthen the relationship for future years

Let’s Start Growing Your Event Business

Token Systems works with all event types and is proven to make events smoother, more memorable and more profitable.

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