Festival-goers who attended Vanfest in Forbes, Australia this weekend were able to leave their wallets at home, with the festival opting to use Token RFID wristbands at the event for customers to pay for drinks and food.

In order to purchase food and drinks on-site, as well as make the most of other on-site attractions, festival-goers loaded funds onto Vanfest-branded RFID wristbands provided by Token at one of the site’s designated ‘top-up stations’. Customers were then able to purchase items at vendors with a simple ‘tap’ of their wrist – no need to fiddle for the correct change or risk losing a credit card at the festival.

Whilst attendees themselves voiced their preference for the cashless payment system for its ease of use and increased security, bar managers and staff also reported an increase in consumption compared to previous years, due to the speed of processing sales and reduction of time customers spent waiting in line to buy a drink.

In addition to increased sales and reduced theft on-site, the introduction of Token to Vanfest also saw a reduction in on-site costs relating to the management of cash and EFTPOS transactions at bars and vendors, whilst also simplifying the training for supervisors and staff on-site.

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