No signal? No problem.

Connectivity Solutions for Festivals and Events, Powered by RFID

Don’t bother with expensive and ineffective wifi for events. Run your event on Token’s Mesh Network and sail smoothly – with or without online connectivity.

Don’t let a bad connection ruin your event
If you’re running a large event or outdoor festival, you know that online connectivity is always an issue: with thousands of people flooding a signal that was weak to begin with, the internet tends to drop out at the worst times possible, along with your ability to accept common payment methods – disrupting bar sales and the overall event experience.


If you think a bad connection is bad for business but aren’t thrilled to invest tens of thousands of dollars in temporary internet solutions that may or may not work, you’ve come to the right place.

Token offline mesh network for events
Meet the cashless POS system that’s always-on
Token RFID is a revolutionary new way to enable cashless payments at events, even on weak or non-existent internet connections. Attendees can keep enjoying the event and buying food, drink or merchandise using their RFID bracelets or cards; vendors can keep making instant sales, without the hassles and mistakes of handling cash money.


Running on unique Mesh Network technology, Token is the only RFID payment system that can ensure your event will run perfectly, even during prolonged periods without internet: all data stays securely stored on local devices, and syncs to the cloud the moment connectivity returns.

Enable all card and mobile payments at outdoor events
Carrying cash is a security risk and a burden for attendees, and endless lines at ATMs can be a serious source of frustration. Today’s consumer expects to make contactless payments rather than fumble for change. But because virtually all modern credit cards and mobile wallets require a steady internet connection, many event organisers find themselves forced to use cash.


Now there is another way: Token’s automated top-up stations can be distributed in strategic locations, away from bars and other areas where the internet is bound to break down, and attendees can use any payment method they like to top up their RFID wallets. Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard or Paypal – anything goes, wherever you are.

top up stations
Better than wifi rental – and less expensive
Temporary wifi solutions for festivals and events cost thousands of dollars, and can’t guarantee even close to 100% uptime during peak hours. Bar and food sales are often the lifeblood of your event and an intermittent connection is just not good enough.


With Token, you won’t be spending big money for a patchwork solution. Instead, you’ll have a cost-effective POS system that is guaranteed to work in all conditions. In fact, at a Token-powered cashless event you’re actually likely to see increased returns from your event through higher attendee spend and less money lost or stolen.

payments at events, without wifi
Track every last transaction, in real-time
Other systems that promise offline operations come with endless caveats that limit your ability to accept common payments methods such as contactless cards, prevent you from verifying transactions in real time, or put you at the risk of losing data during long disconnected periods.


Token changes that. Neither you nor your vendors will even notice when the internet goes down since transactions remain entirely undisrupted. Every last purchase is tracked and stored across attendee wristbands, initial transaction devices and any subsequent device that attendees come into contact with, which is then synchronised back to the cloud and Token panel for near real-time stats.

Token track payments without internet
Frictionless financial reconciliation with vendors
Bar sales (or lack thereof) can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line, but a lack of transparency leaves a lot of room for mistakes and fraud. Many organisers have come to accept this as the cost of doing business – but it doesn’t have to be so.


Token tracks all transactions digitally, making reconciliation at the end of the event painless and instantaneous. Going cashless saves time for both organisers and vendors, ensures revenue is distributed fairly, and eliminates arguments and stress at the end of the event.

Easy financial reconciliation with vendors

Ready to stop worrying about event wifi rental?